Franci, Math Consultant™ : Description

Franci, Math Consultant™ is a mathematics AI program. I have been coordinating her development during and after 1997. In this set of web pages, I will refer to Franci, Math Consultant™ as Franci.

Franci's current version, as of May 17, 2002, is .
Franci's stable version, as of May 17, 2002, is .

Main changes from to

Changes to Franci script language™: Multiplication · and multiplicative inverse -1.

Other changes:

Franci's interactive user interface is most definitely pre-alpha. Her logfiles are much more reliable -- for stable versions, a Franci logfile™ is mathematically correct.

Franci can use a script written in Franci script language™ that defines a mathematical situation, and generate a Franci logfile™ that documents her analysis of the situation. If so requested, the Franci logfile™ can document her analysis in a humanly verifiable fashion.

Franci script language™ specifications

Comments Reserved commands Reserved characters 0-ary keywords Prefix 1-ary keywords Postfix 1-ary keywords Infix 2-ary keywords Prefix n-ary keywords [only limits to the number of arguments (arity) are system RAM and human psychology. Examples are given for arity 3.]
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