Key to Links on this domain

All links are reviewed at least "once in a blue moon". I can (and do) reject links because I have decided not to use the information they lead to. [E.g., under the AI heading, you will not find Prolog.]
The website is maintained by some agency closely related to the United States of America.

The website is explicitly Christian (and not flagged by typical methods of diagnosing 'cults')

The website is explicitly Jewish (this includes both Judaism and the variant of Christianity known as Messianic Jews).

This website has an explicit atheist or agnostic viewpoint (this makes no statement about whether it is explicitly anti-Christian or not. Ideological tolerance is no exemption from this icon.).

The website has to do with forecasting, analysis, or news regarding investments or "the economy".

The website, among other things, advocates Science At The Limit i.e. fringe science. There is reliable material lurking there. site map
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