The Arts of Xenobiology and Xenoecology

In the absence of actual xenoorganisms to study, these can hardly be sciences....
First, some websites which have more professional efforts than mine:
I am maintaining this page to impose some discipline on my background for Iskandria.
The Molybdenum Limit: Nucleic Acid metabolism and extraterrestial colonies

Off to Med School!!

University of Kansas Medical Center
Martindale's Virtual Medical Center
PubMed: National Library of Medicine article search engine
OMIM™: National Center for Biotechnology Information's Online Inheritance in Man.
I am not called to be a doctor, or any sort of medical specialist. I do not give out medical advice because I do not want the responsibility. [It's also illegal under U.S. law....]

I have repeatedly found that sources of medical knowledge, other than medical school and other doctor-professional resources [including government agencies], are often dangerously inaccurate. I provide medical links because "information wants to be free!" ;) The easiest action I can take to stop medical misinformation from killing people is to provide references to plausibly accurate medical information.

Self-diagnosis, in many circumstances, is dangerous because a given superficial syndrome can result from many different causes. Don't.

I have found the perspective of trusted, competent medical professionals of great assistance in understanding the practical applications of medical knowledge -- and highly recommend that you locate such professionals.

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing -- but my life has been endangered by my lack of systematic medical knowledge before.

The Molybdenum Limit: Nucleic Acid metabolism and extraterrestial colonies

Technical references

NetBiochem: Purine and pyramidine metabolism and mirror.
THMCE Medical Biochemistry: Nucleotide metabolism, mirror, and mirror 2.

Key points here: The last point could pose problems for extraterrestrial and interstellar colonies. An alien ecology that fails to use molybdenum poses subtle dietary hazards.

For environmentalists, another concern is the possibility of molybdenum being toxic to alien carnivores or fungi. ["The wild __ ate him -- and then died in agony."]

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