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0000019: const/volatile enum test case suite
actually exercise declaring const/volatile enum-typed variables. This does imply building out the backend support for them.
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2011-01-20 22:08   
(edited on: 2011-01-22 21:17)
Augmentation targets:
* (then regenerate and update) [done]
* new file Pass_enum_def2.hpp to test depth-1 namespaces
* warnings and errors as needed

* Pass: ringing changes on extern [const] [volatile] [done]
* Pass: ringing changes on uninitialized static [volatile] [done]
** handle use of uninitialized data during program flow analysis
* Error: uninitialized static const (no defined way to modify to a valid state with a trivial constructor), downgrade to warning with --pedantic as this is legal but useless
** deferred. Proper initializer parsing isn't going to happen in time.
* note default linkage issues...plain const uninitialized is fine with default-extern, but an error with default-static. Definitely a cross-language compatibility warning when legal.

2011-01-22 01:46   
(edited on: 2011-01-22 01:47)
static/extern testing dies on extern good_test x1;
C:\CPP_App\Z.C++\tests\\decl.C99>..\..\..\zcc Pass_enum_def.h
Pass_enum_def.h:10: error: declaration disoriented by missing , (C99 6.7p1)
Pass_enum_def.h:10: error: declarator missing (C99 6.7p1)
void parse_tree::DeleteNSlotsAt(size_t, size_t) [with unsigned int arg_idx = 0u]


C:\CPP_App\Z.C++\tests\\decl.C99>..\..\..\zcc Pass_enum_def.hpp
Pass_enum_def.hpp:10: error: declaration disoriented by missing , (C++98 7p1)
Pass_enum_def.hpp:10: error: declarator missing (C++98 7p1)
void parse_tree::DeleteNSlotsAt(size_t, size_t) [with unsigned int arg_idx = 0u]


2011-01-22 07:43   
New file in tests/ . Gives us test coverage for an error case.
2011-01-22 19:54   
static const uninitialized is recoverable using const_cast -- so just warn?
2011-01-22 20:10   
(edited on: 2011-01-22 21:15)
new files planned:, .

[Except...we don't have good initializer support set so would have problems *not* warning in the initialized case.]

2011-01-23 02:09   
deferring static const tests to when the parser is caught up.