Zaiband: an Angband variant

Zaiband is an Angband variant. In particular, it is a roguelike -- a game whose interface is (mostly) console-oriented, and for which graphics are strictly optional.

The source code license, while not "free enough" for hosting on conventional open-source websites, does mandate that the game have no monetary cost.

Comments, etc., about Zaiband should be directed at one of, or the quasiofficial forums.

The binary distribution includes sound, the 16x16 tileset, and the 32x32 tileset.

The source archive should be decompressed into the same directory as the binary archive.

Yes, I would like binary builds for other platforms. Some technical notes when porting:
Release dates:
Something I may use for balancing Zaiband eventually: Yet Another Dungeon Simulator (YADS).
Mirror archive of most variants as of June 25, 2011. The *.tar.bz2 files contain everything else. site map

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