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Network simulators
First, some specific ones:
The Chaos Router
REAL -- "history"
REAL -- "current"
Netsim ethernet simulator
Java 1.1x implementation of a NEO simulator

And some general indexes:
Notes about network simulators
Network simulators and related links

Psuedo-random number generators

Some algorithm archives:
Mersenne Twister, (BSD license)
Diehard uniform distribution test.
UNURAN library (GPL license)
Agner Fog's index of pseudo-random number generators
Richard Simard's index of Pierre L'Ecuyer's empirical testing software, in French and English.

And some general indexes
RNG index at PLab
RNG index at NIST
Index of research papers by Luc Devroye

A bug in the Microsoft Visual C++ 4.0 compiler??
I was having some problems with Franci: she crashed in the malloc routine. [I.e., it entered and did not reemerge]. This is often caused by the abuse of free and/or realloc on pointers that were not directly created by malloc. However, the Microsoft C memory management library does not provide real-time detection of these problems.

My response was to write a replacement library that implemented the following functions

The replacement library immediately diagnosed my problem as an inappropriate realloc. However, some features of the startup code before the program started had to be dealt with.

October 1, 1999: Figured out (this is not mentioned explicitly where it should be in the MS C++ 4.0 documentation) that when using the Win__ OS function VirtualAlloc, the memory-access flags are also required for reserving virtual memory, as well as actually committing it. After some code fixing, the memory manager is now at alpha version 0.02.

March 23, 2000: Somewhere along the line, I altered the memory manager enough to get it to version 0.03. I started porting Franci to Borland C++; this port is apparently completed. Borland's V5.5 startup libraries do not require the bypass.


Hardware standards for Intel-based systems:

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