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The Resurrection of Christ
Karl Kohlhase

I have recently [Holy Saturday, 1997] changed denominations from inter-denominational Charismatic to Eastern Orthodox. My family's current "church zoo" is:
Prophecy in Real Time??
Elijah, who (spiritually) prepared the way of the Messiah for his First Coming. 'And if you care to accept it, he himself was Elijah, who was to come.' [Matt. 11:14; in context, 'he' is John the Baptist. (!?!)]
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The World System vs. the Church: news summaries
Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane. All prayers are answered -- but the answer may be 'no', even for the Son of Man.
The investigation of the U.S. FBI regarding perjuring to the U.S. Congress about Waco, et. al. Last event: June 1, 2001
Pope John Paul II vs. Germany Last event: September 24, 1999
Fr. Earl vs. the Northern Illinois Women's Center [sic] (translation: abortion clinic) Last event: October 1, 2000
NATO vs. Serbia/Yugoslavia Last event: June 11, 2001
Senator John Danforth's interim report
The investigation of the U.S. FBI regarding perjuring to the U.S. Congress about Waco, et. al.
The actual incident was a few years back [1993]: David Lee Koresh and most members of his highly apocalyptic "variant" of Christianity died in a firestorm after 51+ days of seige by the U.S. FBI. I refuse to have an opinion on whether Mr. Koresh was the leader of a pseudoChristian cult, or an honest variant.
Pope John Paul II vs. Germany
This one has been smoldering for a while [less than 2 years?], but a recent story on CNN justified including it.

In Germany, a certificate documenting that a woman has received counseling regarding abortion, is required before actually getting an abortion. In this respect, Germany is more civilized than the United States, where the Supreme Court Case Roe vs. Wade [1973?] legalized abortion on whim.

Normally, the following organizations can legally issue these certificates after counseling: the Red Cross, "state centers" (whatever that means: clarification by email is welcome, and may be used to revise this section), and church organizations.

While Pope John Paul II is quite willing to let Roman Catholic clergy do counseling regarding abortion...he has directly ordered Roman Catholic clergy to not give permission slips for abortions.

Fr. Earl vs. the Northern Illinois Women's Center [sic]
Normally, I do not follow the antics of the pro-abortion saboteurs of abortion clinics and their ilk.

Judge their actions by their fruits. The primary effects of their actions, in the U.S., has been to:

As such, I conclude that they are motivated by the Father of Lies, rather than the Father of Lights (which says nothing about their ultimate salvation...although I am confident those acts will not survive the Judgment of Christ at His Second Coming.

Father in Heaven has destroyed nations over lesser things. Citizens of the United States, have no delusions about the U.S. having any inside edge here: Israel has a Divine contract guaranteeing that it shall exist (in some form), and Father in Heaven saw fit to de-nationalize Israel for 21+ centuries. Father in Heaven also saw fit to use Babylon for His purposes -- until its time was up.

Roman Catholic priests are not covered by the above statements. Brimming with theological training and flashes of Divine inspiration (in spite of themselves), one would assume incredibly consistent and direct Divine inspiration would be required to evince thoroughly traceable criminal activities.

NATO vs. Serbia/Yugoslavia
Unfortunately, I must list this here. I expect this section to stay firmly at the bottom of this page, due to the emotionally volatile mixture of both politics and what the world system calls religion. The email and backtracking links are at the very bottom of this page, as is usual on this domain.

Serbia [with some unknown mixture of Communist religionists and Serbian Orthodox Christians] is (or was) waging a jihad against the Muslim Kosovars, and dragging Montenegro along for the ride.

Primary news sources, with their identified slants:

I know that my classification of CNN as pro-Serb should provoke a minor flame war. One of my professionally developed character flaws is the ability to extremely opinionate, upon sufficient evidence, virtually instantly. I have sufficient evidence to classify CNN as pro-Serb in its coverage.

I am not going to provide a real-time news log of this. If any of my readers is already maintaining such a news log, please let me know so I can link you from here. (Note: I expect such a news log to have entries for at least every two days. This situation changes that quickly.)

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