Miracles in the Normal News

To be included in this news log, a report of a miracle must be carried by at least one secular media news agency. Due to the highly controversial nature of such reports, I will cite the actual news agency that posted the report. [Remember, Father in Heaven respects atheists and agnostics: He apparently delights in rendering his existence unverifiable by conventional methods....]

I will report on miracles without regard to:

It is difficult enough to spiritually discern the actual source of a miracle when it happens in front of someone. It would be total arrogance for me to claim ability to discern from a secular media report.

If you are aware of a miracle news report by a secular media news agency not listed here, please email me with the description of the news agency (or secular newspaper) and date. I don't care how old the news report is. Once I locate the news report for myself, I will proceed to list it here.

October 5, 2000 [Associated Press] May 12, 2000 [Associated Press, date blotted by MyCNN] February 25, 2000 [Reuters]

January 2, 2000 [MyCNN relayed this from Associated Press: the date may be off by a few days. I recovered this during the MyCNN Y2K aftermath: the copyright statement by AP says 1999.]

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