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Geological information
Science At The Limit
CNNfn CNN Financial News Network. I prefer to read this 3-4 times a day on weekdays.

MyCNN DOWN! Recommended replacement is My Netscape...I think not.
Xinhua DOWN!, Red China's state-controlled news. Coverage is skewed compared to Western news agencies; slant regarding Red China, Taiwan, and other issues on which Red China has known political positions should be obvious. Xinhua is neutral-slant when reporting MidEast stories (Israel, PNA, etc.) -- all Western news agencies I have experience with (including AP, Reuters, and CNN) are slanted pro-Arab. Unfortunately, this domain has been taken over by a cybersquat search engine.
Stratfor Intelligence Service
Moody's Investors' Service Moody's primarily rates investment quality. I prefer to read this once per week, on Tuesday, to catch the economic analyses.
Ed Yardeni One reason to consider an account with Deutsche Bank.Securities.
Wichita Eagle My ex-fiancée [used to live/lives] in Wichita.
Manhattan (KS) Mercury News from K-State....

These have been moved to Signs in the Heavens.
Geological information

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