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".... Then God said, 'Let Us make man in Our image and likeness, to rule the fish in the sea, the birds of heaven, the livestock, all of the earth, and all the creatures that move along the ground.' So God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female he created them. God blessed them and said to them, 'Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of heaven and every living creature that moves along the ground.' ...."

[Genesis 1:26-28, mixture of NIV and New English translations]

Well, Adam and Eve partook of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, which must have been a phenomenal mutagen: it directly changed their species to homo sapiens. From Father in Heaven's point of view, the alternative must have been worse (and completely unimaginable to us).

But the Word of God cannot return to Him void and powerless. After about six millenia (or maybe a few more?), we (collectively) have fulfiled His command.

The Earth is our garden. Wilderness is an endangered environment. So, how aesthetically and effectively are we gardening the Earth?

AIDS: Bane of blood transfusions, marital infidelity, and fidelity to those who do not reciprocate

UN Report on the Global AIDS Epidemic
XIII International AIDS Conference, 9-14 July 2000, Durban South Africa
Conventional Paradigm: AIDS is caused by a retrovirus dubbed HIV. If untreated, this retrovirus normally provokes a strong antibody response (which is completely ineffective). The virus targets white blood cells that turn on immune responses versus infectious disease. Immune collapse results when the white blood cells that turn on immune responses are decimated; this renders the victim vulnerable to the slightest infection, and also to several otherwise-rare cancers.

The latency time in chimpanzees (from an analog virus, SIV) appears to be longer than their natural lifespan. This has been speculated (Sept. 2002) to be due to adaptation to a massive pandemic.

[CNN: Sept. 24, 2002] Chimpanzees are about 95%-98.5% genetically identical to humans, with somewhat more diversity in most loci. A number of loci related to the immune system are very low-variation in chimpanzees, however. The same speculation suggests a 90% kill rate at conventional-paradigm 2 million years ago.

Current optimal therapies [in First-World nations with phenomenal resources] can near-totally suppress HIV, but do not permanently eradicate the virus from behind the blood-brain barrier, or from semen. Much research is being devoted to creating an AIDS vaccine. AIDS is incapable of long-term survival outside of the body. In particular, mosquitos seem to digest the virus before they can spread it. [If only they'd do that for malaria....]

Viability of Conventional Paradigm: For the actual infection mode, symptoms, etc.: excellent. I am not aware of any vaguely credible alternative hypotheses...regardless of the conventional paradigm being a personal insult to South Africa's Mbeki.

The theoretical existence of an AIDS vaccine is problematic, the potential vaccine heading into Phase III trials (Dec. 2000?) notwithstanding. Test trials of gene knockout SIV vaccines indicate that removing the three most plausible genes (out of 9) results in a fully infectious virus. Currently, the most promising technique may be a vaccine modeled after a possibly-effective Ebola vaccine: immunization to RNA/DNA.

[AllAfrica, November 30 2001]: Seventeen years of effort in AIDS vaccine development has produced seventy-seven candidates, of which only two have attained final clinical trials. The first generation of attempts targeted the AIDS outer subunit gp120. One of these is entering phase III trials: a transgenic canary pox virus (laced with gp120), that actually produces measurable cellular immunity.

CJK alias "Mad Cow" disease: Natural law enforces the Torah on agriculture

Official Mad Cow Disease Homepage
Conventional Paradigm: This disease's pathogenesis is outside the conventional paradigm. The methods used to document its pathology are molecular-biological, and are within the conventional paradigm. Its effects are also within the conventional paradigm: CJK induces dementia by physically destroying brain tissue, leaving sponge-like holes behind. This eventually proves fatal.

Molecular-biological techniques have isolated the mechanism as an autocatalytic misfolding of a probable copper-receptor protein in the endoplasmic reticulum of neurons. The misfolded protein is functionally a prion [which is outside of the conventional paradigm], that is not destroyed by conventional cooking, degraded by the Ph of the stomach, or degraded by protease enyzmes. The misfolded protein can induce normal-form protein to misfold to its configuration. If the misfolded protein completely blocks the neuron's endoplasmic reticulum, the victimized cell soon entirely fills its entire endoplasmic reticulum, and dies from lack of protein synthesis. B-lymphocytes try to remove the misfolded protein, and are somewhat successful (concentrating it in the tonsils), but are eventually overwhelmed.

Molecular-biological techniques have also identified that the misfolded protein can induce its autocatalytic misfolding reaction across species (it is quite possible for avians to pick it up from afflicted mammalian flesh, and vice-versa. Chickens seem to be highly resistant.) Note that one requirement for kosher meat is that the animals in question (cows, etc.) never have eaten meat kosher meat is automatically free of CJK.

In humans, mutant forms of the protein are resistant to CJK autocatalytic folding. Many mutant forms, however, are reported by OMIM™ as causing significant problems intrinsically. The mildest one in OMIM™ suggests some sort of genetic adaptation in a small town in 15th/16th-century Italy.

The corresponding disease in sheep is scrapie. It appears [Xinhua, July 17 2001] that the EU has instituted a fairly aggressive testing paradigm (as of early 2000) that prohibits brain and bone marrow in food preparations. [Whether the spinal cord is included is unclear...important, since the prions do propagate there. This is relevant for subclinical (physically undetectable) instances in animals. Clinical instances are supposed to be incinerated. Fortunately, mechanically extracted beef and pork is required (in the U.S.) to be labeled as such. Turkey and chicken are not so privileged, although it seems many manufacturers do so anyway.]

Viability of Conventional Paradigm: Other than the conventional paradigm's inability to handle the pathogenesis method (prion), the conventional paradigm works excellently.

Atmospheric re-engineering: "Thermal inertia" manipulations (alias "greenhouse effect") and ozone equilibria constant tampering ("ozone hole")

U.S. EPA Climate Change site.
Art Bell's news summary relating to his book, "The Coming Global Superstorm".
U.S. National/Naval Ice Center: Sea Ice and Icebergs of Earth. Both suspected to be a proxy to global warming...and potentially invalidating current weather simulations.
Conventional Paradigm: Adding carbon dioxide (CO2) increases the thermal energy required to change the temperature of a given mass of air in the Earth's atmosphere. Colloquially, I think of this as increasing the "thermal inertia" of the Earth's atmosphere. This also reduces how much heat the Earth reradiates to space at a given surface temperature (hence, the popular name "greenhouse effect"). This also has effects in the temperature balance of the Earth's stratosphere and mesosphere, as well as the troposphere. One side effect is that all conventional weather systems have more thermal energy stored in them.

Based on news stories clipped by MyCNN and NOAA PR statements on TV programming, three phase shifts in the Earth's climate, plausibly induced by the above carbon dioxide boost, have already occurred.

It is known (from laboratory studies) that chlorine and bromine that actually reach the ozone layer can, after reduction by UV to their monoatomic form (and capture by ice crystal), partially catalyze the conversion of ozone (O3) to oxygen (O2). This is not true catalysis; experimental data suggests that one chlorine atom is only good for the reduction of about 5,000 ozone molecules. The reduction ratio is 2 ozone molecules to 3 oxygen molecules.

Ozone formation is mediated by UV-induced disassociation of oxygen into monoatomic oxygen, which then binds to oxygen to form ozone. This is obviously limited by the availability of UV radiation (sunlight), so some ozone thinning over the poles during their winter is to be expected. It should be noted that a sufficiently thinned ozone layer permits UV-C to reach the surface -- a highly energetic variant which most absorption-based sunscreens are not designed to stop.

However, the reports (since 1998) of thin-ozone layers over southern Chile triggering sunburn in under 5 minutes, and nearly-immediate cataract formation (days rather than years) indicate that the winter thinning over Antarctica is far more severe than at any time since the Spanish colonization/conquest of Chile in the 1600's.

Viability of Conventional Paradigm: The conventional paradigm is a clearly incomplete explanation. While all factors mentioned are theoretically relevant, popular media coverage is consistently ignoring other relevant factors.

First of all, it is plausible that (as a species) we have stopped an ice age in its tracks. Climate records suggest that an ice age was attempting to start circa 1500, but was stalled by the side effects of the Renaissance and throughly shut down by the Industrial Revolution.

Second, the carbon dioxide augmentation is affecting the ozone layer situation in at least two ways:

Third, most halogen-carbons are significantly more massive than either oxygen or nitrogen. This makes their penetration to the ozone layer, from the tropopause, contraintuitive. [It is possible, since diffusion is a random-walk phenomenon.]. Freon® and Halon® have a better chance than many other man-made chemicals, since they are not significantly water soluble. Fortunately, Freon® and Halon® are virtually biologically inert; this mitigates the hazards of oceanic contamination.

Fourth, climate changes are generally measured on the surface of the Earth. Anything that interferes with sunlight reaching the ground will shift heat from the surface of the Earth to the corresponding region of the atmosphere.

I maintain a medical link index on my page, The Arts of Xenobiology and Xenoecology
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