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The science fantasy behind Faster-Than-Light anything

Faster-than-light travel, communication, whatever -- it all violates Science As We Know It.

I will use the acronym FTL [faster than light] freely in this page.

Larry Niven, in "N-Space", presents an excellent explanation of why any sort of interstellar politics almost requires FTL travel and communication. I need this politics for my science fantasy.

Exorcising time travel from the universe: FTL travel/communications does not imply time travel, contrary to what has been repeatedly published.

The physics in Iskandria's universe is forgiving: all of the classic FTL travel paradigms can be constructed.

Hyperdrive: Lost In Hyperspace

Teleportation (and how to keep it from turning into hyperdrive)

Warp Drive

Exorcising time travel from the universe
The common reasoning behind FTL travel automatically allowing time travel is as follows:
Hyperdrive: Lost In Hyperspace
Hyperdrives are supposed to operate at a finite FTL speed.

The following commentary does not depend on the 'exorcism of time travel' comment, above: changes in coordinate systems merely alter the apparent FTL speed, not the fact it is faster than FTL.

Teleportation, for my purposes, is the relocation of the spacecraft (or other object/being) on time scales approaching the Planck time.
Warp Drive
Warp drives are supposed to work by cleverly warping space-time so that the spacecraft need not go faster than light itself, even if the rest of the universe thinks it is going FTL. site map
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