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I have a three new articles. “I Can See It Now” is about the factors that convinced the Bush administration that Iraq had to be invaded and Saddam Hussein had to go. “The Problem with Proof” started as an aside to “I can see it now”. It is about the problems political appointees have when dealing with spies and agents. But, sending in spies and secret agents was the only good way to determine what weapons the Iraqi regime had, or didn’t have. “Inhuman Customs and Institutional Success” started as an aside also. It is about how human customs and culture interact with human institutions. How customs can make institutions succeed, or fail. Then, there are “The Vote” and “The Aftermath”. These articles are about the 2000 elections, and the chad fiasco in Florida. And, of course, there are my older articles. “The Brooklyn Museum Fiasco” is about the deeper reasons behind the “art” in a controversial art exhibit held in New York, in 1999, “Sensation: Young British Artists from the Saatchi Collection”. And, about how the institutional business of “art” fosters bad art. Then, there is “Meta Failure”, an essay about how large bureaucracies and complex political relationships can cause disaster. My essays on the Microsoft monopoly and the computer business; “The Real Troubles of Microsoft,” “Why is Microsoft a Monopoly?”. And, “Cloning at Apple Computer”, about Apple Computer’s experiment with cloning ten years ago. Next, my essays about economics and economic misunderstanding, “What About Paradigms?”, “An Un-economic Interlude”, and “The Bubble”. Finally, there is my essay on “The Rectangle on Mars.” I hope you enjoy the reading my essays.


I Can See It Now   Why did the United States invade Iraq, really?
    The Problem with Proof:  The problems political appointees may have when dealing with secret agents.
    Inhuman Customs and Institutional Success:  How inhuman customs can make institutions successful.
The Aftermath  My analysis of the outcome 2000 elections.
The Vote  Who should win the presidential election, Al Gore or George Bush?
The Brooklyn Museum Fiasco  The real issues behind a controversial art exhibit.
Meta Failure  Why bureaucratic systems can sometimes cause disaster.
An Un-economic Interlude  Some thoughts about the economics and un-economics in our political culture.
What About Paradigms?  Some thoughts about the market paradigms in the computer business.
The Real Troubles of Microsoft  How economic paradigms threaten Microsoft.
Why is Microsoft a Monopoly?  How economic paradigms made Microsoft a monopoly.
Cloning at Apple Computer  A practical example of economic paradigms at work in the computer business.
The Great Welfare Bubble  So, why is the stock market really rising?
Metrics  Some thoughts on one of the unintended consequences of the digital revolution.
The Rectangle on Mars  There is a rectangle on Mars!

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