Mathematical Interests

"Help me! I'm about to wipe out in ...!"
Do any of these sound like it covers your subject of affliction? I also have two example story problems: And two more example problems:
Numerical Differential Geometry

My intended specialization in mathematics is "numerical differential geometry", particularly that adapted to general relativity and/or quantum mechanics. As such, I am interested in the following mathematical areas [and all implied prerequisites], from a computational point of view: Incomplete working notes on General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics

Introduction to "Pointwise Qualitative Factorization of 2-forms into 1-forms over ℝ4". This is the introduction to a paper I'm in the middle of writing. The rest of the paper will require Franci, Math Consultant™'s assistance.

Online Mathematics Journals

Documenta Mathematica [German]
The Electronic Journal of Combinatorics
The Electronic Journal of Linear Algebra; mirrors: U.S., Germany, Portugal, EMIS
Electronic Transactions on Numerical Analysis
Geometry & Topology
New York Journal of Mathematics
More general higher mathematics resources
Math-Net -- Internet Information Services for Mathematicians
EMIS The European Mathematical Information Service
AMS index of electronic mathematics journals
Primordial Soup Kitchen. This is about finite cellular automata -- not biology.

Above is courtesy of various AMS articles.

Computer Time Resources

Higher mathematics (and several other disciplines) can need more computer time than is locally available. It is always a good idea (and usually required) to cite the fact that you used a given computing center in your research.

The classifications below are not absolute. They are based on a superficial viewing. Also, I had trouble deciding on the wording of my summary of the grant requirements; some of the sites have (very limited) exceptions. site map
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